Q. What hours and days are you available?

A. Please make reservations in advance (up to 30 days). Complete screening is required of new acquaintances.

Q. Do you accept short notice appointments?

A. It can be difficult to manage my schedule and real-world career. Advance planning is highly recommended to assure availability. Last minute requests are not considered.

Q. Do you offer less time than 2 hours?

A. I prefer to savor unrushed encounters. Please do not request shorter increments of time.

Q. Could you spend overnight or longer with me?

A. I would love to! A few dates are suggested to become familiar with each other and assure compatibility before any definite plans are made.

Q. Are you available during holidays?

A. Yes, with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Holidays are good reasons to celebrate throughout the year!

Q. Do you have an incall?

A. Yes. My private condo is located in a quiet residential Dallas neighborhood. Near Highland Park & Turtle Creek; conveniently close to Uptown & Downtown. It's secure, clean, fully furnished and stocked with amenities.

Q. Do you offer outcall?

A. Yes. In Dallas / Fort Worth. Available to upscale hotels and residences. Rates are adjusted as necessary. Please inquire for details.

Q. Do you like to travel?

A. Travel is a passion of mine! I have a current passport. Let's make plans!

Q. Do you tour?

A. Sorry but I prefer to travel by special arrangement.

Q. What is your preferred method of payment?

A. Cash is primarily accepted. However, alternatives are available (ie: Western Union & NetSpend).

Q. Do you offer incentives?

A. My companionship is all about having a quality experience and wonderful encounter. Please do not negotiate or discuss my rates & services.

Q. Do you expect gifts or tips?

A. Gifts are thoughtful expressions of affection. Tips are greatly appreciated. They're graciously accepted but not expected.

Q. How do you handle my personal information?

A. It's carefully verified and properly discarded. I do not keep records.

Q. What happens if I don't want to share my personal information?

A. I truly understand your concerns which are valid. Please have faith in me.

Q. Why haven't I heard from you yet?

A. I have a career and general life to manage around. Sometimes I may fall behind a day or two, especially since I handle the screening by myself. I promise I'm not ignoring you! If you need to reach out again, please do!

Q. May I call you?

A. Discreet email is preferred. Phone calls can be difficult to answer when privacy is limited.

Q. What is your review policy?

A. I do not participate with the adult community message & review sites anymore due to previous privacy & security issues associated with them.

Reviews are not encouraged; in fact, they're dangerous in many ways. A large percentage of them are extremely indiscreet, unnecessarily graphic, lavishly embellished and unfocused on the companion and the experience of the session. They're very subjective and commonly known for causing unrealistic expectations & misunderstandings. My statement applies to the private membership areas too.

Q. Do you really look like your photos?

A. Yes, the photos are 100% me! My face is blurred for privacy reasons.

Q. Can you send any extra photos?

A. All content & photos are DMCA copyright protected and posted for everyone's viewing pleasure. The portfolio is updated as often as possible. Please do not take or save any photos or content from my site or other venues without permission.

Q. May I photograph you?

A. Thanks for asking but I only contract professional photographers for specific projects.

Q. What are your pet peeves?

A. Rude people, bad hygiene, negativity and poor communications.

Q. Do you entertain women or couples?

A. Despite the allure and beauty of women, I prefer the masculinity and companionship of men.

Q. May I make a special request?

A. If it's reasonable, a request can definitely be part of the fun!

Q. I have a fantasy of ... Would you consider it?

A. As long as it isn't painful, humiliating, inhumane, dangerous or unlawful.

Q. Do you enjoy what you do?

A. I truly love spending time with people from all walks of life, near and far. Treasure the friendships and make many more along the way.