Screening & Verification

I'm very selective about who I meet. It's important to be safe and have peace of mind.

Verification through your personal and professional details will be required.

To ensure privacy and security, I do not keep records.


References are about character and the overall experience of the encounter which may be influential to making decisions but are not in lieu of verification.

However, they are not accepted nor shared due to records are not kept to ensure privacy and security.

Please note: Whitelists, screening services & vouchers fall under the same category as references and will not be recognized.


I prefer initial contact through my website.
 Correspondence is primarily handled via discreet email.
 No explicit communications! Otherwise, it will be deleted & blocked.


It's highly recommended to make reservations in advance. I can not accommodate last minute requests.
 (Please check my calendar.)


My private condo is located in a quiet residential Dallas neighborhood near Highland Park & Turtle Creek; conveniently close to Uptown & Downtown.

Within easy reach of major interstates and other crossroads.

A short distance to eclectic shops, restaurants, bars, live venues, museums, various arts and other entertainment.


Uptown, 5 mins
Downtown, 10 mins

North Park Mall, 10 mins
Galleria Mall, 20 mins

Love Field Airport, 10 mins
DFW Airport, 25 mins



Dallas / Fort Worth Metro 

Upscale hotels & affluent residences

Rates adjusted as necessary.

Please inquire for details.




Domestic and international travel is a passion of mine! I have a current passport and ready to go!

Please be prepared to cover the expenses of having a companion join you. (i.e. mode of transportation, accommodations, dining, incidentals, etc.)



Let's take care of business first so we don't have to worry about it during our visit or later.

Donations should be noted on my site and correctly prepared in an envelope with my name on it.

Please do not negotiate or discuss rates.


Cancellations & Deposits

Reservations are marked on the site's publicly visible calendar.

If cancellation is necessary, please notify at least 48 hours in advance of the date.


Repetitive cancellations.

When an issue becomes a noticable pattern, it's handled by requiring 50% non-refundable deposit for the amount of time reserved.

It's a preventative to hedge against time-wasting and losses.


Travel arrangements.

All details must be settled no less than 2 weeks in advance.

50% deposit is necessary prior to departure.

If I need to cancel (due to illness or unavoidable crisis), your deposit will be refunded in full.

Should you need to cancel, the deposit will be credited toward a rescheduled engagement (minus incurred expenses).

If you do not reschedule within 30 days, the deposit will no longer count as a credit.


There is no need to discuss explicit activities, at all.

Lists of services ('menus') are subjective and related to unrealistic expectations & misunderstandings which can result in less than satisfactory experiences.

If you have to ask, we most likely will not be a good match.



Showers are required for each encounter to address health and cleanliness concerns. In addition, they assist in assuring our well being and peace of mind.

Hypo-allergenic and unscented personal hygiene products are readily stocked.

Clean is always sexy!